Who is Phil?

Who is Phil? Phil is short for philanthropy, and at the UI, Phil is our nickname for everyone who donates to the university, as well as all those who benefit from private support. That means you are Phil too.

Through participation in the annual We Are Phil giving program, you have the opportunity to deepen your commitment—and make an even bigger impact—by making a donation to support the university. The goal of this new giving program is participation…increasing the number of UI faculty and staff who give to Iowa.

Your gift—no matter the size—can support scholarship, enhance patient care, spark creativity, or speed research. For a list of funds you can help support, visit www.givetoiowa.org.

Be Phil! With hundreds of active funds, the UI offers giving opportunities to match nearly every interest. Following are just a few areas where your gift can make a big difference:


scholarship funds


faculty support funds


research funds


areas of study


named faculty positions


athletic teams

We Are Phil

The launch may be over, but We Are Phil is just beginning. For this year—our first annual appeal—you have until June 30, 2014, to make your gift and be counted. Thank you!

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